Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Pick: Bears to Win Super Bowl

If you haven't already checked out my Super Bowl picks, blog and quiz, now's the time. Yesterday, I finalized 7 days of number crunching, comparisons and internalized knowledge to produce to final pick: Chicago by a touchdown.

For complete information on how I came to this conclusion just days before the big event, click here.

I'll be adding more information, including the over/under, alternate scenarios, and some of the props. The one prop I'm banking on is anything on Dallas Clark, the Colts' slot receiver. I believe the Bears will completely shut him down, though one big catch could ruin my day. Still, if you can get props on Clark at under 3.5 catches and/or under 50 yards, take them. I have him penciled in for 3 catches and 22 yards.

More as game time approaches on the picks page and the Super Bowl blog.

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