Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Marketing: Old School vs. New Age

In the days of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV - prior to the advent of the internet - a company might have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch a new product or service and even then, coverage was spotty and barely traceable. Companies with the budget power could hire an ad agency or marketing firm to push their new offering, but the doors to innovation and acceptance in the marketplace were often closed to budding entrepreneurs due to financial limitations.

The internet changed all that, especially with professionals who engage in Search Engine Placement Services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for both paid and organic search results in the major engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. While ad agencies are struggling to keep clients and catch up to the new rigors of intelligent web design, small internet shops are grabbing the most innovative, progressive companies by understanding the dynamics of the internet, reach and search engine optimization.

Cutting costs and reaching far-flung markets through smart use and understanding of technology today often delivers better results than old school marketing and advertising. The future looks far different as small companies can now compete with larger rivals at dollar levels that are compatible with small business.

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