Thursday, January 11, 2007

AdsBay: A New Player on the Advertising Horizon

If the results from my small test of the new AdsBay web advertising price calculator are correct, I - and a gazillion other smart webmasters - am about to make some serious money and finally, maybe, hopefully, get paid what space on my website is really worth.

The AdsBay advertising price calculator is one of the coolest web applications I've seen in some time. All you need to do to get a figure on what advertising on your site might be worth is plug in the web address, choose a category and options such as site wide or single page, text link or graphic, where the ad will be located and the calculator delivers a number in US Dollars/month.

The few pages I tested all came back with figures that were as good or better than I'm getting from the usual suspects and AdsBay offers a number of options - including a nice graphic link to the actual calculation that you can place on your site or blog - for selling your ad inventory space.

AdsBay Auctions, Buy and Sell your Ad Space offers options to buy or sell just about any form of advertising, without the agency fees or middleman. AdsBay may be on the verge of revolutionizing the online advertising business. Kudos to them!

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