Thursday, January 18, 2007

Exquisite Stained Glass and Patterns

Looking for a unique pattern for stained glass or an outstanding stained glass design? Look no further than Chantal's Stained Glass a site that I believe is one of the most visually-appealing and colorful sites on the internet.

Designed by the owner, Chantal Paré, self-described as a woman with a box of fine point markers, piles of blank paper, inexpensive scanner, family computer, 30-yr old light box, rudimentary notions of html, but a head full of ideas, the site offers hundreds (maybe thousands) of patterns for stained glass creations along with items for sale by Chantal.

There's also a design tutorial, a link to her book Orchids in Glass, a forum, visitor gallery and updates page.

What I like most about Chantal's site are her own works, especially the one titled Dracula gigas, shown at right. Her work shows a passion and excellence we all should hope to attain in our lives.

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