Friday, January 12, 2007

Now for something completely different

There are blogs and then there are what I call slogs, which are blogs written by slobs or at least by people trying to impersonate a slob. They are typified by atrocious writing style, misspelling and poor syntax (my favorites are "to" instead of "too" and "looser" substituting for "loser.")

But, every now and then, a slog is good enough to get mentioned here because it is witty, different and politically incorrect, like Grunge Ogre.

This particular Ogre is probably less of a slogmaster than most. He's actually a web site designer, but instead of being all techie, he's pretty down-to-earth and his site displays particularly good attention to form and function, as everything is clean and well organized. Plus, he's got so many cool icons that I'm somewhat jealous.

The writing comes in short blasts, is usually funny and smacks of 21st century realism. After wading though the usual web sites and blogs that deal with the mundane like stocks, tech gizmos and films, Grunge Ogre is a welcome relief.

I mean, where else can you find such tidbits as ...I had just gotten out of jail for being high the week before or I'd rather listen to George W. Bush recite SAT words? Worth a peek at the end of the week.

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