Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Tax Cut? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Tax Cut!

Actually, we do need a stinking tax cut, the problem is that the geniuses in Congress (all 3 of them - just kidding) can't seem to come up with a suitable number. The Democrats want to be their usual chincy selves and only let us poor peons keep $350 Billion, while the Repulicans, a more generous lot, seem bent on $550 Billion, or thereabouts.

So, what's a lousy $200 Billion between senators, anyhow and why should it make any difference. Truth is, it won't make that much of a difference, this whole bad play is nothing but posturing politics at its worse. If the government was sincere, these yahoos on the Hill and in the White House would be talking about CUTTING SPENDING by 10-15% across the board, and cutting our taxes back to some reasonable level far removed from the absurdity it is at today.

Most people just think taxes are a way of life and something that just gets deducted from their paychecks every week. They have no idea that those tax dollars are in reality theirs! The other problem is that we're currently bombarded by taxes from all sides - from the feds, the state, the counties and cities and villages we live in - and these taxes come in all forms - property, income, excise, sales, fees, etc. There are taxes on just about everything we buy, sell, touch and use. The number of different taxes in the United States numbers over 40,000. A search on for tax yields about 32,800,000 hits. I'm sorry, but that seems to be far too many pages on something most people loathe. By comparison, death yielded 33,300,000 hits, while sex topped out at 142,000,000 - there's hope.

Our taxes should be cut back radically and the size of governement at all levels should be reduced by as much as 50%, maybe more in some cases. The majority of working-class Americans are today - and have been pretty much for the past 20 years - just working to pay bills and taxes and not much else. If the people in governement were serious about reviving the economy, they'd have been off our backs years ago. They're not serious, so don't bother listening to this latest round of blather from both sides. It's a total waste of breath.

But don't forget to pay those taxes, no matter how much the government cuts them.

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