Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The Madness Continues

The stock market continues to rise. The Dow hit 8500 yesterday, for the first time since January 21. Yes, in the last three months we went exactly nowhere. Now, for all you bulls, I don't call that very robust. And, as for you bears, we're not yet dead. But, what has happened over the past three months. Specifically, winter and a war. Basically, Americans are poorer because their incomes could not have possibly kept up with the rise in all forms of energy, from gasoline to home heating fuel. And, we also have a $75 billion bill for that little war to pay. Did this make American companies stronger, better, more competitive? Did it allow them to earn more? Maybe that, but at the cost of many jobs. The jobs market is the worst in decades, but the govrernment will never tell you that. You have to find it out for yourself. Just lose your job, or - hahahahaha - quit. And don't forget those health benefits. According to our sources, health care for businesses covering employees has basically doubled over the past five years. Inflation? Oh, it's here. But, don't worry, the market is up.

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