Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mediocrity ends sadly

Just a quick note to point out that sellyouritem.com, a website I had exposed as being somewhat worthless in a previous blog post -
The Sadness of Mediocrity - has indeed bitten the dry dust. The site, which had attracted a fair number of ebay sellers, but relatively few active buyers, seems to have ended its short and miserable existence on or about January 25, 2005 according to the last date on Google's cache. So, I have been in the dark for over a year. Boo-hoo.

I should point out that I had engaged in some rather boisterous site policy disputes with the site's customer service and marketing rep - a woman I knew only as Sheila - to no avail (she had a nasty habit of deleting my posts). Thus, this is the fate of those who generally disagree with me on PR and marketing matters: death of web site.

I'm not sorry to see them go. The site basically sucked.