Saturday, April 26, 2003

The Sadness of Mediocrity

Today we begin the examination of the psychology of mediocrity in American business with our case example being a singular auction web site known as

For the record, has roughly 39,000 auctions open currently. The following announcement from their resident gestappo generalist, Sheila:

Posted by My Page on 04/26/03 01:47:23 AM My Auctions Good Morning to Our Valued Community!

We are pleased to announce the placement of a classified ad in the following publications for a minimum of three (3) weeks:

* Antique Trader Weekly
* Postcard Collector
* Numismatic News
* Military Trader
* Goldmine (Music)
* Tuff Stuff (Sports Cards and Collectibles)
* Stamp Collector

Ads will begin appearing in the next available issue with space.
These classified ads will also appear online at:
Now, that's BIG news for these people. More on this as the story of mediocrity unfolds.

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