Friday, February 02, 2007

Speaking of Swimsuits...

One of the places I'd love to visit is Montevideo in the tiny, almost unnoticed nation of Uruguay.


Well, for one reason, it's summer down there when it's winter up here and the beaches stretch wonderfully over hundreds of miles. The city sits on the coast of Uruguay, on the Atlantic Ocean, and it's modernized, though not so metropolitan as nearby big cities. So, it's not overcrowded.

Uruguay sits between the two giant countries of Argentina and Brazil and there is daily ferry service to Sao Paulo and Rio De Janiero, so if you want the glitz and glamour, it's only a few hours away.

Montevideo is one of South America's hidden gems, in a continent that somehow has managed to escape the colonialism of the United States. While countries like Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia are turning socialist, most of the Southern countries of the continent have become more market driven economically.

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