Tuesday, February 20, 2007

High Paying Opportunities for Bloggers

Life as a freelance writer could not be much better.

Since I found PayPerPost.com, I've been blazing away at my laptop, writing about new websites, sports, business, the internet and products like wireless phones and computer peripherals.

But, it's just gotten better, especially if you've done proper blog marketing like getting your PageRank up above 3 or 4, a high rank on Alexa and positive reviews of your posts.

Pay Per Post's new segmentation system awards bloggers who operate high traffic blogs with good PR. A recent opportunity offered $1000 for a single sponsored post. Now, that's what I call good money. Ernest Hemingway would even have taken that one in a heartbeat. He used to get 10¢ a word back in the day.

I haven't had the good fortune of picking up a grand for one post, but I've seen other posting opportunities paying $25, $50 and more. Whatever I make on my posts I consider a real blessing. I've been writing for years for next to nothing promoting my web site, and that's finally paying off, but blogging gives me the opportunity to really stretch my writing skills for positive purposes.

PayPerPost.com makes sense for high and and lower traffic bloggers alike. The main requirements are that your blog has been online for more than 90 days and that you disclose that PayPerPost posts are sponsored or paid. To make matters easier, PPP provides tools to automatically include a disclosure badge or provides them per post, like the one below.

Who knows? Hemingway might have been jealous.

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