Friday, September 14, 2007

Talking to Google

I simply had to write about this experience from today.

Frustrated that my ads from Google Adsense were delivering clicks paying less than 2 cents each, I decided, after penning an extensive email to Google support, that I would find Google's phone number and try to talk sense to somebody about my need to make a decent living.

Guess what? Google's phone numbers are a pretty well-kept secret. I couldn't even find one on Google itself. Finally, I resorted to an old trick I've known for years, and came up with an 800 number for the internet search giant.

Much to my surprise, I was connected not to some corporate office, but a fellow by the name of Billy who answered the phone with, "hello" rather than a customary "thank you for calling Google" or something of that order.

Billy, I learned was full of information about the company and actually revealed some insider search and ranking secrets to me. Don't ask me why or what they are, he just did.

It was one of the strangest phone calls I've ever made.

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