Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Save the Environment - and Money - by Working From Home

Imagine the amount of gas that would be saved in America if half the population worked from their homes and didn't have to drive to work every day.

Better yet, we'd probably save the planet from Global Warming, as auto emissions are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. I've been doing my part for the past 7 years, working from right here in my spare room and I just thought I'd figure the money savings since I don't have any way to accurately calculate the environmental impact.

If I were to drive 20 miles each way, that would amount to roughly 2 gallons of gas per day, because my car is not very fuel efficient. At 200 days per year X 7 years, that's 1400 days of driving. If gas averaged $2.50 per gallon and I would have used 2 gallons a day, I've saved $7000, or $1000 a year.

That's a lot of money! Think I'll go for a celebratory joyride!

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