Saturday, April 07, 2007

Elitism, Ignorance and Anna Nicole Smith

Elitists are people who think they are better than the rest of the population. In some cases, they have a valid point of argument. The world has more than its fair share of half-wits, morons, slackers, fools and sloths. The general public is usually so woefully misinformed and concerned only about their own small circle of life as to render them sub-beings to the enlightened crowd.

A case in point can be made over the recent hysteria over the life and death of one Anna Nicole Smith. Here is an utterly unremarkable woman - aside from her famous pair of surgically-enhanced breast - who through good looks, good luck and the good graces of one rich old man and many drooling, slack-jawed adult males, rose to abhorrent heights of fame and wealth.

The recent hysteria and American media love affair with all things Anna Nicole has, thankfully, subsided. The woman was of little talent, having never made a feature film worth remembering, her most notable contribution to culture being the short run of her annoying, sub-par cable TV reality show. That America would go ga-ga over her upon her death - apparently a self-inflicted drug overdose - is testament to the elitist credo that yes, much of the population is beneath them in matters of taste, sensibility, credibility and intellect.

It's difficult to justify fixation upon a promiscuous, overweight, stupid, drug-addicted woman who's now more than a month dead and depreciating, yet there it is, in all its ignorant, wasteful, indulgent splendor for the elitist to ridicule.

What's even worse and more contemptible is the misconception by some - arguably from the bottom of the gene pool - who think that artifacts of Anna Nicole Smith's life are somehow valuable.

Over the past few weeks the value of magazines and videos featuring the buxom blonde have roller-coastered like a bad dotcom stock IPO. The initial reaction was positive and values skyrocketed until the realization came to the misinformed minions buying back issues and nudie videos that there was a massive oversupply of images featuring Anna Nicole's bounteous breasts, and the prices came crashing down.

The Anna Nicole saga, the posthumous celebration and capitalization are only the latest reminders that the vast majority of the public at-large can still be led like so many nose-ringed cattle. The elitists are tugging and prodding. Come along now...

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