Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Do-Nothing Congress

If you've been paying attention at all over the past 6 years, you have to believe that Congress certainly hasn't done the average American taxpayer any favors.

That trend seems to be continuing, even after there was a huge shift in voter preferences in the last election, sweeping Democrats into power in both the House of Representatives and Senate. Yesterday, the Senate voted to essentially cut off debate on the troop surge into Iraq. Basically, the Republican minority staged a successful filibuster to prevent voting on a non-binding resolution.

So, after a month in session, what has Congress wrought? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Sure, the House passed Nanny Pelosi's promised "first 100 hours" agenda, but the Senate hasn't budged much. They mangled the minimum wage bill with a slew of amendments and that's on it's way back to the House. Naturally, the President will veto any legislation that comes to his desk, so what's the point?

Considering the utter contempt the Congress has shown for the average American, I wouldn't expect much from them. My advice is to steer clear of politicians (dirty whores, every one of them) and go about your business, take as many tax deductions as possible and keep quiet. They're stealing from us, so why pay them any mind?

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