Friday, October 20, 2006

Elections 2006: Over the Cliff and into the Abyss

Tom DeLay. Duke Cunningham. Mark Foley. Denny Hastert, John Boehner, Tom Reynolds, George Allen (the non-Jew Jew, racist Senator from Virginia). The Republican-led congress now has an approval rating of less than 20%.

That's right, four out of five people in America do not approve of the job this sleazy, clandestine, corrupt-to-the-core, hypocritical congress has done. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and just about every other right wing lunatic broadcaster wants to do what?

They want to villify Nancy Pelosi, that's what, and apparently that's the best strategy these one-trick Republicans can come up with. They want to scare their listeners and viewers into thinking that Nancy Pelosi will destroy America, give in to terrorists, stomp on traditional values. Yes, fear the little lady from San Francisco who may become the next Speaker of the House. She's the bogey-woman of the week.

If you want to witness the destruction of America, look no further than the current crop of Republicans and vote them back into power again. The previous Majority Leader, the not-so-honorable Tom DeLay, is facing criminal charges. Mark Foley is a pervert, and Hastert, Boehner and Reynolds knew all about him, buried the truth and coerced Foley into running again in 2006. They needed the seat more than they felt the need to protect teenage pages - the targets of Foley's sick predatory constitution.

How about the foibles of our linguistically-challenged, dry drunk Liar-in-Chief president and his cohorts - Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice, primarily - who lead us into a war of choice based on cooked, unreliable intelligence and their bold-faced lies about WMDs, Iraq's connection to Al Queda and mushroom cloud scenarios? They're still lying, and Iraq is a complete wreck, a failure of monstrous proportions which will take a generation or more to correct, if ever.

And then there's the unanswered questions about 9/11. Instead of going into all the theories and myriad scenarios about what really happened that day, and the events leading up to it, one long, disturbing question: Why would anyone object to an investigation and/or testifying under oath? Cheney, Bush and Condi all did. Maybe because the truth would incriminate them? Just maybe? Let's hear the other reasons for not wanting to testify under oath other than an intention to LIE.

These Republicans have proven not to be the paragons of morality and keepers of liberty they purported to be. They lied to Congress and the American people, stole from the nation's bounty, and perverted the laws that made and keep us all free. And then they tried to cover it up... with more lies.

Now, if you support these people, you're either an idiot or you just can't stand the idea that you might have been wrong in trusting them. For most people, the latter is probably the case. For some, it's tough to admit defeat, or admit that their views and understanding of the world is incorrect, but now, today, and for the next three weeks, these people have to search their souls and come into the light. We've all been led astray by the Republicans in power, and it's time to cut them loose.

On November 7, Americans will go to the polls in the most important election in most of our lifetimes. It's time to get it straight: Democrats by and large are not give-away-liberals, or evil or somehow soft. They love America. Most of them have good ideas, plans, intentions and visions for the future of our nation, but any Republican who gets elected this time around is another threat to our nation, our liberty, our way of life, because their only want is the power of the majority and more graft and riches for themselves, their friends, families and cronies.

The only way to fix the problems we have - most of them created by the Republicans - is to end the Republican stranglehold on Congress and replace it with a Democratic majority that will hold hearings and investigations, make the administration accountable to the American people, overturn the bad laws enacted over the last 6 years and restore America to its rightful place as the leading nation of the free world.

Most thinking people have already made up their minds. They're voting straight Democrat in any congressional race. Hordes of undecided or independent voters are voting for Democrats. And we need the Repubicans of conscience and morality and intelligence to come to their senses and do the same. Why? Read on.

The polls suggest that there's going to be a Democrat landslide in the coming elections, so what's my worry? It looks like the Dems will win majorities in both the House and the Senate. So, why am I panicked?

Because, just like in 2000, 2002 and 2004, the Republicans are going to manipulate the elections. If they can't purge enough Democrats from the voting rolls, they have the ability to rig the machines which count the votes. Nearly 80 million Americans will be casting their choices on machines which have been proven, over and over again, to be hackable before, during and after elections, supply no paper trail, and thus cannot produce a verifiable recount.

Consider the words of Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, who have been delving into the Ohio election results for nearly two years:

In the two years since the fraudulent defeat of John Kerry, we've unearthed an unholy arsenal by which that election was stolen. They include: outright intimidation, wrongful elimination of registered voters, theft, selective deployment of (often faulty) voting machines, absentee ballots without Kerry's name on them, absentee ballots pre-punched for Bush, absentee ballots never mailed, touch screens that lit up for Bush when Kerry was chosen, lines for black voters five hours long while white voters a mile away voted in fifteen minutes, tens of thousands of provisional ballots pitched summarily in the trash, alleged ex-felons illegally told they could not vote, Hispanic precincts with no Spanish-speaking poll workers, deliberate misinformation on official web sites…and that's not even the tip of an iceberg whose bottom we may never see.

Thanks to a federal lawsuit, we have finally been able to look at some of the actual ballots from Ohio 2004. Just for starters, researchers Stuart Wright and Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips have found a precinct in Delaware County where 359 consecutive voters allegedly cast ballots for Bush. Dr. Ron Baiman found another precinct in Clermont County where a random inspection found 36 straight replacement ballots, a phenomenon that can be accomplished only by divine intervention or outright fraud.

The Republicans very well may return after these elections to majorities in both houses, and if that's the case, the results will almost surely be the work of nefarious theives and crooks. So, beware, and vote for a Democrat, any Democrat.

For those of you who don't believe that the machines can, have been and will be hacked, despite the overwhelming mountains of evidence, I part company with you here, because there is no good reason to engage in dialogue with anybody who is either misinformed or simply uninformed and chooses ignorance over truth.

Try educating yourself on the issue by following some of these links:

Black Box Voting - a great resource for understanding how elections are hacked by use of electronic voting machines. Bev Harris wrote the book on how elections are stolen and the intent of the public debased.

The Brad Blog - Nobody has done more to expose the underhanded tactics and hacking methods than Brad Freidman. If you read nothing else, Brad's archives are invaluable. There's so much information there, it will take months just to read Brad's posts, plus he links to thousands of related articles.

Velvet Revolution - an amalgam of voter's rights groups, citizen advocacy groups and ordinary people who support free and fair elections with thousands of stories about vote suppression and election machine hacking.

If anyone can spend the time to read these articles and still not believe that there are election problems which need to be investigated and repaired, then you are probably just lying to yourself and thus, on your own. Good luck to you. I and other patriots will be working to preserve our democracy, even for you, in your slumbering ignorance.

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