Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How We Almost Got Into A Donald Trump Rally

The Donald came to Rochester, NY on Sunday, April 10, flying in for a rally at a private hangar across the tarmac from the airport.

Three of us braved the cold temperatures (it was in the high 30s, but not windy), had secured our tickets online and dutifully printed them out, so off we went in search of a new president.

The rally was supposed to begin at 3:00 pm, and people were instructed to park at the Rochester Technology Park on Elmgrove Road. People who've been around Rochester for a while would recognize this as the old Kodak Campus in Gates. Folks would then be shuttled to the location of the rally on school buses.

Upon arrival at the Tech Park around 2:15 pm, we were directed around the back of the parking lot and huge building. The line to get on any bus stretched from the front of the parking lot, snaked around the building to the back of the building, probably a distance of nearly a mile.

Seeing that, we (correctly, it turns out) figured we'd never get on a bus and into the event in time; further, none of us wanted to stand in line. I commented that I get upset when there are more than three people in the bank, sharing my hatred of being a follower.

A decision was made to drive back around and take some photos, then head over to Scottsville Road on our own, find a place to park and walk to the gate, thinking this was a superior strategy. While we were on the right track, it turned out that we would eventually be turned away, as would everybody else, including thousands standing in line for buses.

Following are some photos detailing our failed attempt at seeing and hearing Donald Trump.

This was the bus line, which actually stretched through the parking lot, probably another 1/4 mile.
Same line, at the corner of the building (note clock, we were on time)

Same line going towards back of building.

The line just kept going, around the back of another building.

The line going around the back of the second building.

Once we found a spot to park, off we went toward the event.

The cops and horses were friendly, but we could not get in.
A small, unruly group of protesters were across the street from the entrance.

Yes, I had brought my copy of Playboy, March 1990, hoping to get the Donald to autograph it.
Turned away, we went back to the car, and saw the Donald flying in (on time, BTW).

The Donald, heading for a landing.

 ...And that's how we almost got into a Donald Trump rally. Primary Day is April 19 in New York. Trump is polling at 54%, which, if it holds up statewide, would award him all 95 delegates.

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