Saturday, September 24, 2011


The following song is dedicated to Mark Zuckerberg, for all he's done to make Facebook the least enjoyable experience on the internet, EVER. Dude, what the hell? It's so messed up now that you've "improved" it, I had to call three teenagers just to confirm that I was not alone in my angst. They all said they hated the changes, find it difficult to use and can't figure out how to do much with it. A couple of thoughts came immediately to mind. First, if Steve Jobs had designed it, it would work. Second, this is what happens when you let the kids design a communications interface. Hey, Mark, change the Z at the start of your last name to an F, because YOU. HAVE. FAILED. I hope you lose every penny of the 112 or 17 billion Fortune magazine says you have. And now, with Meg Whitman running HP, we can all rest assured that our nation's technology is in hands similar to those running the government. Good luck, loser.

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