Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Immigration and self-actualization

Soul Twins: A Latino Journey From The Edge To Self-redemption. By Oscar Vega Romero. ISBN 978-0-915745-93-7. $22.95 162 pages.

With immigration currently a topic of great debate, this new novel by Mexican author Oscar Vega Romero offers a glimpse into the world of illegal immigrants who cross the border to the United States seeking a better life.

Based on his actual experience, Vega Romero contends "My view as a Mexican is that my people are hard workers who possess a strong desire to succeed in life. I was only one of the many Mexicans willing to face the prospect of death and of leaving a mother bereft, by crossing the United States border illegally, in the attempt to make their dreams reality."

The book is designed to help men and women improve their lives through positive ideas. Filled with heartfelt honesty and passion the novel traces the author's life from gaining entry into the US, being institutionalized and finally coming to some light and a new way of seeing life in more positive, constuctive and fulfilling ways. Soul Twins is a story of self-actualization available from Floricanto Press.

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