Monday, March 12, 2007

Deal or No Deal Minimums and Maximums

Unless you've been living under a rock the past six months, you must be aware of Howie Mandel's hit show on NBC, Deal or No Deal. Besides the gorgeous gals (my fav is Anya Monzikova, #10, shown at right), Howie is adept at squeezing the emotion out of the contestants and sweating them until the end.

I've seen people turn down over $200,000 and walk away with a lot less and I've figured out my strategy should I ever get a chance to compete (How do they find contestants, anyhow?). Actually, I think I'd be a better fit for Jeopardy than any other game show, but that's another story.

If I was on Deal or No Deal. and the money ever got over $150,000, I'd take it, unless I had something like the top 3 out of 4 amounts still available. I mean, after taxes, you'd still end up with over $100,000, and that's not bad.

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