Monday, September 24, 2007

Super Stats in PHP

Recently, the hosting provider for another of my sites, crashed the stats program attached to my hosting package and I was left without any reliable stats to track.

Now, my displeasure with hosting providers runs from extreme to lawsuit, but this particular bozo continues to operate with outdated systems on shared hosting facilities. The only reason I stay with him is because the hosting is part of a trade deal, for which I get hosting for free.

So, I looked around for some stats packages and found this great, easy-to-install, free PHP program called TraceWatch, which provides real-time stats and traffic analysis for any web site.

I found the program through another excellent resource, the PHP resource index a site which lists and rates thousands of PHP programs in various categories.

If you need a reliable stats program that operates silently within your site (you just need to paste the code on your pages), TraceWatch is an elegant solution.

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