Wednesday, April 23, 2003

The war is OVER?

Generally, I think we won the war in Iraq. I say generally, because there were some objectives that may not have been overtly mentioned by the happy boys at the Pentagon that have not been met. First, shere's Saddam? Just like bin Laden, he gets away? I find this a disturbing coincidence and maybe not so much of a coincidence. I have steadfastly held that bin Laden is and has been dead for some time, because without him, US citizens might just declare the war on terrorism to be unnecessary. So, the same applies with Saddam Hussein. Should we now chase him into Syria, which is supposedly where he is? Why not. They have all the WMDs that used to be in Iraq, too.

The other disturbing thing is that a whole gaggle of Iraqis want some form of Islamic government, not a democracy that we were espousing. Is that what we, the USA, wants? Another Islamic fundamentalist government bent on destoying Israel for the betterment of Palestine and taking down the United States with it? I think we won the war, but we're going to lose the peace.

My thought is this. Here are the Iraqis, who now have the freedom to express themselves, because we, the US military, freed them from the tryanny of Saddam Hussein, and what do they have to say, now that they can say it? US GO HOME! That's what. I find it ironic - and a little bit showing in their overall stupidity - that they now despise the very people who gave them their freedom. We should just leave and allow the country to fall into a state of incredible anarchy and lawlessness. Hell, they don't want us there anymore. Yankee Go Home! ...Nice, and easy for them to say. Maybe they can call their friends the French, the Russians, and the Germans to help them out.

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