Wednesday, December 27, 2006

5 Blogs... No Waiting!

Thinking that I've finally reached Nirvana, I now am the proud owner of five - count 'em - five blogs.

Since I have this chronic need to type and link, five blogs should not be a big problem, though if they become radically popular, I may have to hire a virtual assistant or become one myself.

In the near term, blogging has kept me out of trouble and at my desk for more hours per day. It's also helped keep my interest levels at a fever pitch, since my topics range from the absurd to the sublime and the blogs - other than this one, which is pretty wide open - pertain to college basketball, national politics, finance and investing, and a site devoted to what's going on in my home town of Rochester, NY.

Links to my other blogs are all available on this page. Check them out. I hope you'll find them interesting, stimulating and useful.

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